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Get on Top with Top Water Lures for Your Summer Fishing

Chug bug. Jitterbug. Hula popper. Creek chub knuckle-head. Zara spook. They all have very creative names and designs by the companies that manufacture them. They imitate every conceivable critter that could be on, around or just under the surface of the water in a wild environment from baitfish or bugs to mice or lizards to frogs, toads or even small flying mammals. They are the “go-to” fishing lures of mid to late-summer. They are top water lures or surface lures, …

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Summer Fishing Tips


This news release went out recently; might as well spread it around: Tips to give anglers edge during summer heat in Nebraska Anglers can use all the help they can get in the heat of summer when fishing gets tough. They, and their baits, really are up against it. There is much competition in the water. Knowing when and where to fish can make all the difference for them. “Fishing gets tough in the summer because fish have so much …

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