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Need a hand?


I was out wandering in the woods this week.  Recalled an incident that happened while my daughter and I were wandering in the woods last spring.  We do a lot of wandering in the woods in the spring. While we were hiking along a creek bottom, I noticed my daughter, Emily, had become quite interested in a particular dead tree.  I circled back to see what the fascination was.  No, it was not a snake, was not a pile of …

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I want to take a trip back to the trap line for this blog post; actually not my trap line, but my nephew’s.  A few weeks ago I was out west for a weekend and had a little time to check out some of the fur my nephew had caught this trapping season, his first.  What he really wanted to show off was one of the raccoons he trapped, something rather unusual. There are several hundred thousand raccoons taken in …

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Trapping Report from the Creek

A quick update on our newest hobby – trapping raccoon (A New Addiction Returns).  We hit the second weekend of this new endeavor with lots of enthusiasm and hope.  We had learned a good deal from our first go with it and looked to put this gained knowledge to work.  Armed with twice as many traps (six) we hit the dry creek bottom we had previously. The results were that we learned even more with this second session.  First of …

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In the Field with Jeff Kurrus – Greetings from TN

While visiting family in Tennessee, my dad and I have been setting out gopro cameras every night to capture raccoons feeding. The project has been a blast and we have some pretty cool images to share. But, as many of my coworkers have told me, my parents’ house is in the middle of nowhere and my Internet connection and ability to show you photos is virtually nonexistent. But when I eventually go “to town,” I will share our photos from …

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