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Trapping Report from the Creek

A quick update on our newest hobby – trapping raccoon (A New Addiction Returns).  We hit the second weekend of this new endeavor with lots of enthusiasm and hope.  We had learned a good deal from our first go with it and looked to put this gained knowledge to work.  Armed with twice as many traps (six) we hit the dry creek bottom we had previously.

Even Opossums Get Smiles
Even Opossums Get Smiles

The results were that we learned even more with this second session.  First of all I am amazed by just how many marshmallows and peanut butter field mice, and other miscellaneous small mammals that are not raccoons, can steal and eat.  Consequently, Logan and I now feel at least some responsibility for  the sugar-induced, hyperactivity of the area’s small-rodent population this past weekend.

Marshmallow Thief
Marshmallow Thief

Next we learned that a different freezer was needed.  Actually this was made clear by other family members in our household who informed us there were better options than placing our catch in the family’s upright freezer beside the frozen pizza.

I personally learned how easy my son can get up at a very early hour.  Each morning he happily rolled out of bed hours before daylight and usually before me.  This morning he was ready to go and prepping my coffee before I stumbled into the kitchen attempting to rub a lack of sleep out of my eyes.

Surprise Visitor
Surprise Visitor

For most the trapping season began a few months back in November.  For us it was just last weekend. However, my season has already been made as I get to spend time with my son watching him solve the mystery that is our great outdoors.  I’m not sure if we will be back out much the rest of this season, but I know there will be lots of time to prep for what we will both be looking forward to this coming fall.


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