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How Do You Hang ‘Em?


I have been ice fishing for a long time.  In fact, I have been on the ice so long that I can tell you of times when we had no battery-powered augers, no depth finders, no ice suits, no flip over shelters.  In addition, back in the day, the selection of ice tackle was very limited.  For panfish, everyone fished with a “teardrop”.  That teardrop-shaped jig was tipped with some kind of bait, usually a wax worm, but maybe a …

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Depth and Speed


A week ago I blogged about a favorite discussion topic among anglers–lure or bait color.  Actually, I did not blog about it so much as stole my buddy, Greg Wagner’s blog post on the subject.  That topic generates a lot of interest among anglers.  I have blogged about it before. That got me thinking.  I will always tell you that you should worry about a lot of presentation variables before you worry about color.  Anglers tend to jump to color …

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Right Tool


Before I get to the point of this blog, let me post the disclaimer. . . . “My name is Daryl, and I have a fishing tackle problem.”  Yes, I have just as much fishing tackle as any, probably more than most. I had to laugh earlier this summer.  Driving down a street I saw a garage sale sign that said “Huge Selection of Fishing Tackle”.  Of course I had to drive by, in fact, drove by once, then turned …

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Underwater Fish Strikes

I am still waiting for safe ice.  Got a little teaser for the rest of you that are doing the same: I know the underwater camera technology is advancing just like all electronics technology.  I have played with an underwater camera just a little bit on Nebraska waters and in most cases, even under the ice, I consider our waters to be stained enough that the underwater cameras are of limited use.  But, I am sure there are some situations …

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Who Needs Live Bait?

I will be the first one to tell you that no baits or lures are magic, nothing catches fish all the time.  And, I will tell you that every bait or lure every made will catch fish if used at the right place and the right time.  The challenge is knowing the right bait for the right place and right time.  Presentation theory and selecting the right baits for the right time and place is a whole topic worthy of …

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Bobbers Ain’t Just for Kids

If your ice-fishing season is not over, it soon will be.  At this time, many Nebraska anglers are chomping at the bit to do some open-water fishing.  On the eve of a new open-water fishing “season” many of us like to plan our strategies, pick out new lures we would like to try, think about new techniques we would like to master.  Maybe you have thought about learning how to drop-shot for bass this year, troll lead-core for walleyes, learn …

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