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Very Grateful

The season for gratitude and reflection is upon us. Thanksgiving week is when we remind our families, friends and close associates how much they mean to us and express our sincere appreciation for what positive things we have been given in life. While you are considering what you are thankful for, don’t forget about Nebraska’s outdoor scene. During the nine days of the recent firearm deer hunting season here in Cornhusker State, I selected thirteen key elements to be very  …

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I already shared this on my FaceBook page this week.  Am also going to put it in a blog post and make some additional comments. . . . Saw this on the Tall Tales of Roger Welsch FaceBook page.  Thought it was right on! In the parts of Nebraska where I grew up, everyone did the finger wave.  Growing older I ended up spending more time in more urban areas and I noticed a lot less of the “waving”.  Why …

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P7040033 (3)

In many parts of Nebraska the “D” word has been used frequently in the past year or two–“drought”.  Even now some parts of the state have had less than the amount of precipitation we usually see.  However, other parts of the state have been blessed with significant precipitation for several months now. What is unusual about all of this is that the “rain shadow” I learned about in some meteorology class has actually been reversed this year!  You have heard …

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You might have deduced from my previous blog post that I made a quick trip “out west” a week or so ago.  There is something else that happened on that little adventure that I have had on my mind since then. . . . I had some car problems on the trip home.  There is more to that story, but let’s just say I ended up having to pull off the highway because my vehicle was over-heating.  It was on …

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Roger the Storyteller


The year 2022 has been a rough one–Nebraska has suffered the loss of some of its greatest storytellers.  Early this year I blogged about the passing of Dick Turpin and Larry Porter.  Now, unfortunately, the dean of Nebraska storytelling, Roger Welsch, passed a week ago. I have no personal stories about Roger to share with you.  Back in my college days at the University of Nebraska I tried several times to enroll in his folklore class.  I never did because …

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Back Roads


I bristle when someone refers to Nebraska as a “mid-western” state. We are not “mid-western”.  We are Great Plains. Mid-western states are to the east of us.  Frankly, I have not seen much in most of them with which I would like to associate. Things are different once you get west of the Missouri.  Things are different once you advance west across Nebraska–the land, the sky, the sunrises and sunsets, the people. I was reminded about this again last week.  …

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Virtual educator workshop to tackle healthy water, healthy people

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LINCOLN, Neb. — Everyone knows water is important, but do they know why? Nebraska Game and Parks Commission will tackle that concept in a virtual workshop, “Healthy Water, Healthy People,” from 6 to 8 p.m. Oct. 27. The workshop is geared toward formal and informal educators teaching 6-12th grades. The educator workshop is limited to 25 participants. Register for the virtual event at bit.ly/WaterEdWorkshop; those registered will then receive an email with the Zoom link closer to the date of the …

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A Time To Hunt

Fall sports have been cancelled, postponed or will be highly regulated. Yes, there is no Husker football this season. Bars, restaurants and gatherings are being limited or restricted. Mask wearing mandates are in effect for various businesses and in the cities of Omaha and Lincoln. These are certainly very strange times. One of the oldest pastimes in our American history, however, remains valid and is not damaged or impaired in any way – hunting. The hunting seasons in Nebraska for …

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Cicada killer wasps

Cicada killer wasps will start emerging from the ground anytime, but these docile wasps only have one thing on their minds: Seeking out cicadas. Found across the U.S., these native wasps start to appear in mid-to-late July through August in Nebraska. Cicada killer wasps are approximately 2 inches long with black and yellow on their abdomens and amber-colored wings. When you hear male cicadas begin singing to attract their mates, the adult cicada killer wasps will start to emerge from …

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Ocean of Grass


Gonna take a break from my usual Friday blog material. . . . Yes, I am all about fishing, almost all the time.  I am also all about Nebraska, all the time.  I’m born and bred Nebraskan, my blood runs red, it is home, I love it. Someday I am going to write a blog about the Nebraska sandhills.  I have not done it yet because I am afraid I cannot capture my thoughts in words.  There have been a …

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