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Bluegreen Algae


It is mid-summer, it is hot, and that means primetime for bluegreen algae blooms.  There is a lot of hysteria and misunderstanding about our waters and algae blooms.  I originally wrote this blog over ten years ago.  Let me dust it off, update some things and hopefully clear up some misconceptions. . . . Bluegreen algae have become a phobia for some folks.  If you are one of those, you better sit down because there is not a body of …

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Lewis and Clark SRA to offer recycling following grant awards

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LINCOLN, Neb. – Recycling will become available to Lewis and Clark State Recreation Area guests this summer and will be fully implemented by fall. The SRA recently was awarded grants of $1,643 from the Nebraska Department of Environmental and Energy and $20,000 from the Nebraska Recycling Council to purchase recycling containers that will be distributed to collect single-stream recyclables. The initiative will be a key component in keeping Lewis and Clark Lake clean of unwanted waste. “As a park manager, …

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