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Light Geese are Delicious and Deserve Respect

As a conservation professional, I get sick and tired of people calling snow and Ross’s geese nasty nicknames and saying that they are downright unfit to eat. Look, they are not “sky carp,” “rats with white feathers,” or “trash birds.” No, not by a long shot! Your blogger displays snow geese harvested during a recent Light Goose Conservation Order hunt in south-central Nebraska. Photo courtesy of Greg Wagner/Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. They are classified as light geese — snow …

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Memorable Snows

I know what you’re thinking. No, this is not going to be a blog about the memorable snow storms I’ve experienced growing up in the Cornhusker State. Nope. This is a going to be blog post about the memorable times I had last year hunting snow and Ross’s geese during Nebraska’s Light Conservation Order hunting period here in Nebraska. I can favorably recall each and every experience! I saw huge flocks of light geese. I watched superb dog work. I was fortunate to harvest …

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As you may be aware, the spring migration of light geese (Snow and Ross’s Geese) is underway Nebraska, as is the Light Goose Conservation Order hunting period. But, as with a number of things in nature like migratory game birds, something strange has occurred amid the flocks of wild snow geese, according to hunters. A mythical, winged creature has emerged – a genetic mutation, if you will. It was spotted just recently in extreme southern Nebraska hopping around a decoy spread. The creature appears to be part snow goose and …

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