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Light Goose Conservation Order begins Feb. 10

Efforts to control the light goose population continue with the Light Goose Conservation Order, which begins Feb. 10, according to the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. The dates for the conservation order are: East Zone, Feb. 10-April 15; Rainwater Basin Zone, Feb. 10-April 5 and West Zone, Feb. 10-April 5. White and blue-phase snow geese and Ross’ geese may be taken statewide during the conservation order, but different regulations apply in each zone. Read the 2022-2023 Nebraska Small Game and …

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Light Geese are Delicious and Deserve Respect

As a conservation professional, I get sick and tired of people calling snow and Ross’s geese nasty nicknames and saying that they are downright unfit to eat. Look, they are not “sky carp,” “rats with white feathers,” or “trash birds.” No, not by a long shot! Your blogger displays snow geese harvested during a recent Light Goose Conservation Order hunt in south-central Nebraska. Photo courtesy of Greg Wagner/Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. They are classified as light geese — snow …

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Respect The Tasty Snows

They are not “sky carp,” “lutefisk with feathers,” “an over-cooked catcher’s mitt,” or trash birds.  Your blogger displays snow geese harvested during a recent Light Goose Conservation Order hunt in south-central Nebraska. Photo by Ty Stromquist of Norfolk, NE. They are classified as light geese — snow and Ross’s geese to be exact, and they are to be respected and revered like any other natural resource! In fact, they are a worthy adversary of hunters and actually great to eat! Snow and Ross’s geese, …

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My Marsh Madness: Selection Sunday Light Goose Hunt

Yesterday was an exciting day for college basketball in this state with both Creighton and Nebraska qualifying for the March Madness of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament in the same region (congrats to both the Jays and the Huskers, and they may even end up playing each other!). But for me, ‘selection Sunday’  as it is so named, meant ‘marsh madness.’ As you may be able to tell, I spent the entire day hunting light geese (Snow and Ross’s geese) during the Conservation Order hunting period on a friend …

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Public Meeting Set to Discuss Light Goose Regulation Changes

LINCOLN, Neb. – A Public meeting for review of Light Goose regulations for the Rainwater Basin areas will be held in Grand Island at the Grand Island Shooting Park July 9 at 6:30 p.m. The meeting is being held to discuss proposed changes to the current regulations based on recent data gathered about waterfowl use of basins during the Light Goose Conservation Order. The meeting will take place at the Heartland Public Shooting Park, 6788 W. Husker Highway in Grand …

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