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My Marsh Madness: Selection Sunday Light Goose Hunt

Yesterday was an exciting day for college basketball in this state with both Creighton and Nebraska qualifying for the March Madness of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament in the same region (congrats to both the Jays and the Huskers, and they may even end up playing each other!). But for me, ‘selection Sunday’  as it is so named, meant ‘marsh madness.’


As you may be able to tell, I spent the entire day hunting light geese (Snow and Ross’s geese) during the Conservation Order hunting period on a friend of mine’s flooded marshland along the Platte River in Butler County, NE.  What a marvelous place with good habitat! Truthfully, I really didn’t care if I even fired a shot! It was more fun taking hundreds of photos!

Snow goose decoy mirrored in water.

In fact, I didn’t even mind filling up my knee boots with water on the walk to the blind and hunting in bare feet in the heated blind for a while, HA!

Wet boots, socks drying in blind over heater.

Seriously,  if you like to hunt, and you ever have the opportunity to hunt light geese this time of year, do it! There are never dull moments. See the juvenile Ross’s goose swimming amid the decoys?


You’ll be doing your part to help thin over-abundant numbers of light geese which are continuing to cause damage to sensitive arctic breeding habitats.

Harvested adult snow goose.

You’ll enjoy the challenge of hunting wary Snow geese and fast-flying Ross’s geese in a unique spread.


You’ll enjoy everything that makes waterfowl hunting the time-honored tradition that it is in Nebraska!

Swamp collie June retrieving light goose.

June coming to shore on the retrieve

Veteran light goose hunter Nick Bilava of Omaha, NE with June and holding light goose.

You’ll enjoy perhaps harvesting some tasty light geese to take home to the dinner table.


Above all though, you’ll greatly enjoy having a courtside seat to witness the spectacular spring migration of wild fowl in Nebraska!

White-fronted geese.


So many memories made with the marsh madness/selection Sunday light goose hunt! Last night I went to bed seeing and hearing nothing but an array of waterfowl over that broad marshland! Remember, if you’re a hunter, be sure to take advantage of a light goose hunt and make your own memories!

Big snow goose flock with pintail duck below it.

Pair of northern shoveler ducks.

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