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Algae Mats? EEEEWWWW!??????


A few weeks ago I published a blog entitled Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Boat.  I wanted to point out that a person does NOT have to have a boat to catch fish, a lot of fish, big fish.  I also wanted to emphasize that good fishing waters are good whether you have a boat or not–find a way!  As an example, I mentioned that shallow water cover often holds fish, even during the summer.  Sometimes you just have to find …

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Summer Kill


Gonna start this blog with a news release, like I often do, but then there is more to the story. . . . Major fish die-off investigated at Olive Creek Lake August 17, 2018 LINCOLN, Neb. – Low oxygen levels have caused a major die-off of fish at Olive Creek Lake, according to the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. The remaining fish population is suspected to be small. The die-off was reported by the public and investigated by Game and …

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Nebraska’s Turtle Man

There are a bunch of “reality” shows on TV now that feature outdoors-folks doing a variety of wild and crazy things.  Some of those shows are, well, a little too much for me and I question their authenticity (I know it is TV, it is not necessarily “reality”).  Others have what seem to me to be plain ole folks, just like most Nebraskans I know, and I like them a lot better.  Although I will always tell you to get …

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