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Tall Tales

Tomorrow is April 1, “April Fools Day”.  What would be a good blog post for that occasion? I thought about telling some unbelievable story, maybe sharing some doctored photo.  Sorry, I am hesitant to do that because on the ole interwebs you never know how some people will take things.  I have posted stuff like that before and had more than one person go off.  Apparently, pointy-headed fisheries biologists are not allowed to have a sense of humor. Warped as …

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Roger the Storyteller


The year 2022 has been a rough one–Nebraska has suffered the loss of some of its greatest storytellers.  Early this year I blogged about the passing of Dick Turpin and Larry Porter.  Now, unfortunately, the dean of Nebraska storytelling, Roger Welsch, passed a week ago. I have no personal stories about Roger to share with you.  Back in my college days at the University of Nebraska I tried several times to enroll in his folklore class.  I never did because …

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Throwback Thursday: MONSTER!

Did you know that Nebraska has one of the most fascinating accounts of a Loch ness-style lake monster on what is now a state recreation area? According to a 1923 article in the Omaha World-Herald newspaper, a man named J.A. Johnson claimed that he and two friends had seen a creature dwelling in what was then called Alkalai Lake (now Walgren Lake State Recreation Area) near Hay Springs in northwest Nebraska. He stated that he knew of forty others who had …

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