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Fifty Shades of Flathead


OK, you have to understand that biologists tend to think about things a little bit differently, maybe even a little bit warped.  Subjects and discussions that may be uncomfortable or turn the stomachs of some can be lunch break conversations for biologists.  For example, we tend to be fascinated by the mating habits of this species or that species–it is how the species is perpetuated, how life continues.  I have something interesting about fish mating habits to share in this blog post …

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Fall In Review, 2015


Ran into a fellow pointy-headed fish biologist yesterday who has since moved on to bigger and better things in another state.  But, he stills comes back to Nebraska to do some hunting!  He asked me how my fall has been and that got me to thinking that I should give a little review.  It has been a good fall, mild, warm, long, lots of fish. . . . I love fall fishing.  I fish H-A-R-D in the fall; it is …

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Fall Fat Flatties

Over the past few years I have blogged several times about some of the research being done on Branched Oak flathead catfish; for example, Some Field Work, 71.6 On Your Radio Dial–All Flatheads All the Time!, Branched Oak Flatheads.  A large part of that research has been the tagging of flathead catfish in Branched Oak Reservoir; over 1500 flathead catfish in Branched Oak are swimming around with tags on them. About this time last year I was lamenting that even …

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Human Bobber

A week or so ago I got a fishing report from an old college buddy.  He catches some big catfish from Omaha area waters and recently landed another one.  This one was a flathead catfish, a 41-inch flathead catfish.  That fish was released after taking some pictures, but it would have weighed somewhere in the neighborhood of 30, maybe 35 pounds.  Although there are bigger flatheads caught from Nebraska waters every year, a 41-incher is a very respectable fish, plenty big …

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Stop the Presses, Big Fish!

I am going to share a photo of a big fish that was caught in Nebraska recently.  Yes, I realize that some of my blog readers will know all about this catch already, it has been making the rounds on the internet and that is where I got the photos and information.  But,  I want to blog about it because there are a lots of other folks who have not heard about it.  If there is one thing I have …

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“Shocking Flatheads”

The July 2014 issue of NEBRASKAland magazine is available on-line right now. It is way too early in the summer to find any of the gayfeather that is pictured on the cover, but inside you will find a variety of great stories, as usual. Of course I am going to point out a fish story on pages 42-45, “Shocking Flatheads”.  In that, NEBRASKAland editor Jeff Kurrus interviews Jordan Katt, the fisheries biologist in charge of the flathead catfish research that has …

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April 2014 NEBRASKAland

The April 2014 NEBRASKAland is available on line right now. I love the cover!  Mouth full of teeth, big marble eyes, classic orange and chartreuse jig in its lips, CLASSIC!  Love it! To go along with the picture there is a great story inside on page 38 about our walleye egg collection efforts which are happening right now (something that I am out in the field helping with as I write this!). There are some great old stories about big …

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Fall Fishing Review

I love to hunt and trap in addition to fishing.  However, there is so little time and so much to do in Nebraska’s great outdoors, so it is natural that we develop our favorite activities.  If you have been reading my blog at all, you know mine is mostly fishing.  I love fish and fishing.  If I could design my fantasy calendar, it would be 3 months of spring turkey hunting, 3 months of fall fishing, and 6 months of …

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Finally Got One!

Several times I have blogged about the tagging of flathead catfish at Branched Oak Reservoir; Flathead Tagging, Some Field Work, 71.6 on your radio dial–All Flatheads All the Time! And this year I blogged about some of the results of that work, Branched Oak Flatheads.  That research is really cool and I am thrilled to have been able to slip out of the office once in awhile to assist.  Simply put, the work being done on Branched Oak flathead catfish is some of the most …

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Adventure Report, September 11, 2013

You all know that I love to travel Nebraska, fish a variety of waters, catch a variety of fish, hopefully big ones, and tell you all about it.  Yep, I am going to do that again here, but this time with a little different twist. In spite of what you may think, I am not traveling the state all the time.  Like most folks, much of the time I am working out of the office, at Game & Parks headquarters …

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