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Fridays I try to lighten up a little bit.  Definitely been the kind of week where I could use some levity at the end of it. Folks are just so sensitive. . . . I love funny commercials, especially fishing commercials.  Ugly Stik has had some good ones over the years.  I cannot speak about their reels, but I have an Ugly Stik rod, have had it since I was a kid.  I am not going to tell you I …

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I have been doing a little rod shopping again lately.  Oh yes, there is a reason and a story behind it. . . some other time.  Anywho, I have often joked about just buying another Ugly Stik.  Seriously, for the price, they are good rods, and they come in a variety of models.  There is an Ugly Stik for a lot of fishing situations. They really are just about indestructible.  I have one that I have had since I was …

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DIY Fishing Rod Cases

Slamming car doors, shifting cargo, stumbling feet. Each has been unkind to my fishing rods more times than I care to admit. After a fly rod somehow broke while riding freely in my truck bed this spring, it was time to take action to keep it from happening again. Of course, many excellent rod cases are available from retailers. After some research, though, I found a simple design created from a favorite inexpensive building material – PVC pipe. Not only …

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Martial Arts Training


I was surfing the web the other day looking for a new workout program for both me and my fishing equipment.  I found one, it is pretty rigorous. . . . https://www.facebook.com/mudhole/videos/1583678128342452/ Sure hope that propane tank does not go off. Would hate to see what that guy does when he loses a fish. Reminded me of some old commercials; maybe your fishing equipment needs a workout in order to survive your wife? I have one Ugly Stik rod, have had …

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Time to Tackle Up!


Fall is big fish time, some of my biggest fish every year are caught in the fall.  With big fish in mind, I am a believer in big baits = big fish, all the time, but especially in the fall.  Go big, or go home. Sometimes a guy just needs to tackle-up to some heavier, bigger tackle to handle those bigger baits and big fish.  I guess the professional bass fishing circuit finally got with the program and are now …

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Can Never Have Enough Rods

When you see this you obviously will know that I stole it from the internet. . . . I recently inherited a bunch more fishing gear including rods and reels, but I do not quite have my pickup full of rods, yet. Come to think of it, I just bought another rod too. Wives and girlfriends might wonder why we need all of those rods and reels?  Because, they are tools and a person needs the right tool for the job!  I …

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Some of you will probably remember the old Ugly Stik commercials featuring angler’s wives.  I had all of those commercials in a “long play” version and they were even better than the 30-second spots that ran on TV.  Unfortunately, my links to those long play versions have gone bad, except for this one. . . . [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHr_raJmnYA[/youtube] Wow.  I guess there are some wives out there who have some real issues. Maybe they should just go fishing? By the way, …

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