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Hype Tape


It is mid-summer.  It has been hot.  You might need a little motivation to go fishing: It is the weekend.  Do what you gotta to beat the heat, but don’t forget to spend some time on the water.  The fish are still there.  They will bite.  You ain’t gonna catch anything sitting on the couch!

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Human dimensions studies are a part of fisheries science.  Man, or the human component is an important part of any fishery.  To manage a fishery, you have to understand something about the human component as well as the fish, other aquatic creatures, and the habitat. A big part of human dimensions studies are understanding motivations.  Why do you fish? The answers to that question are as varied as humans themselves.  I say that anglers come in an infinite variety of …

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Fly Fishing is a Joke


If you read my blog post earlier this week, you know that I just got back from a week fishing with family in Montana.  I love going to different waters, experiencing and learning different things.  In Montana we fished a couple of the most well-known fly-fishing waters in the world, and it truly is a different world.  It reminded me of this video I found a couple of years ago. . . . Warning:  Before you take the ten minutes …

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