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Turn It Off!


I am betting many of you were at least a little bothered with the FaceBook outage this week. That reminded me of a meme I had seen.  Some of you are old enough to “get this”. For those of you who do not “get it”, listen close: This chord was struck again on a calm afternoon on the water recently.  Sound carries far over water.  I listened to a guy’s stupid cell phone ring all afternoon, WHILE HE WAS FISHING! …

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Muskie Fisherman


Going to post a video for the Friday/weekend blog post this week.  Nope, the video has nothing to do with Nebraska.  It does have everything to do with fishing, the fishing lifestyle and fishing culture.  I liked it, take a few minutes and watch, you might like it too. . . . Now, it is the weekend.  Hope you get a chance to get out there and practice it!  If you get really good, and are a glutton for punishment, …

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“Fish It Well”


Just found this video from Simms.  LOVE IT! https://youtu.be/Ou_jwttk3vk We have discussions around the office here all the time about how we can get more people “hooked on fishing”.  If people lived their lives well, fished it well, we would not have those discussions. Entirely appropriate for this Father’s Day weekend.  Hope you and your dad, you and your kids, have fished it well!

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Fishing is about catching fish, but so much more

It’s a sport. It’s a hobby. It’s a profession. It’s a pastime. It’s a lifestyle. Fishing. As a parent, I can tell you firsthand that spending time fishing with your son or daughter can be a key cog in their emotional development and mental well-being, as well as a contributing factor to what is referred to as a filial bond. And, it continues through the years and never really stops. In fact, it rolls on further with grandchildren. There are reasons why you should take your son or daughter fishing …

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“Open Letter to My. . .”


Stumbled across this on the interwebs this week.  It is corny, but I loved it.  Before I quote it, here is where you can see the “original”:  Ordinary Outdoorsman. https://www.ordinaryoutdoorsman.com/an-open-letter-to-my-old-fishing-reel/?utm_content=bufferd7d8f&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer The only thing I would have to change about that little “ditty” is the reel–gotta be one of my beloved “cream and green” Zebco Cardinal 4’s!  Oh, and I ain’t retiring it. Back in my high school days I saved my pennies to buy my first quality spinning reel.  I …

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