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What Does the Guide Say?


Last Friday I had some fun with some of the jargon we use as anglers, especially muskie anglers (Now You Can Speak Muskie Too!). This week it is the fly anglers turn, especially fly fishing guides: Now, I know there is some risk in posting this.  Especially with the hot weather, some folks do not seem to have much of a sense of humor. Lighten up!  It is the weekend!  Get on the water, or maybe with this heat wave, …

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Now You Can Speak Muskie Too!


I laugh sometimes at all the jargon that applies to fishing.  Listen to yourself sometime! Lure names alone are stimulating.  You have your Hula Poppers and Rat-L-Snakies, Lazy Ikes, Royal Coachmen, and Whopper Ploppers.  Jerkbaits refer to how an artificial lure is properly fished, and not necessarily the guy on the end of the rod. What in the world is “bottom bouncing”?????  And, “walking the dog” ain’t what you think it is and has nothing to do with canines. Shockingly, …

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