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Muskie Fisherman


Going to post a video for the Friday/weekend blog post this week.  Nope, the video has nothing to do with Nebraska.  It does have everything to do with fishing, the fishing lifestyle and fishing culture.  I liked it, take a few minutes and watch, you might like it too. . . . Now, it is the weekend.  Hope you get a chance to get out there and practice it!  If you get really good, and are a glutton for punishment, …

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Fish Stories


A few weeks ago I did something different, something new, something that I think is really cool. . . . I was contacted by a guy from SoDakota to do some audio recordings, “pod cast” kind of things.  I talk to writers, reporters all the time, do radio shows, pod casts, etc., so I figured “sure, no problem”. But, this was different. The gentleman I met was Buddy Seiner.  Buddy has an unique project where he records and preserves fish …

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