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Pike Y-Bone Removal

You know that I am always getting up on a “soap box” to  promote catch & release fishing:  It is a fact of life for sport anglers nowadays.  You will either be required by regulation to release at least some of the fish you catch or you will choose to voluntarily release some of your catch; it is important for developing and maintaining quality fishing..  I believe the best practice is what has been termed “selective harvest”–choosing to harvest a few …

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Carp Tour 2014

Last Saturday was our annual Carp-O-Rama carnival at Pawnee Reservoir.  A lot of folks came out and I hope they had a great time with us and maybe learned a thing or three along the way.  The fishing was slow.  We had a significant rainfall event overnight before the event and I wonder if the carp fishing might have been better at the upper end of the reservoir where there was some water flowing in? Regardless, if you were not …

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If you can’t beat ’em, Eat ’em!

By now you have probably heard about the invasive “Asian carp”.  That term, “Asian carp” can refer to several species of non-native carp found in our country, but specifically is it used in reference to the bighead and silver carp.  If you want to learn more about those specific invasive species, and more, be sure to take some time and check this out, http://neinvasives.com/ . Asian carp, bighead and silver carp are here, in Nebraska waters.  You can find them …

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