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Jump at the Chance to Go Bullfroggin’ in Nebraska

It is a season that is open here in eastern Nebraska. It is an unusual season, but one that just flat out reeks of adventure, challenge and tremendous entertainment value. It is a season tailor-made for kids. And, trust me, this is the season that will create memories and stories like no other! No, it is not a hunting season. “It” is Nebraska’s bullfrog season. “Bullfrog season,” you say, “really?” Yep. Look at the size of this adult North American …

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Why Not Jump At The Chance For Bullfrog Season

It is a season that opens at 12:01 a.m. on Saturday, August 15th. It is an unusual season, but one that just reeks of adventure, challenge and tremendous entertainment value. And, trust me, this is season that will create memories and stories like no other! No, it is not a hunting season. IT is Nebraska’s bullfrog season. Look at the size of this adult North American Bullfrog being held by your blogger. Photo by Jo Momsen/Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. “Bullfrog season,” you’re saying, “really?” Yep. I know …

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It Is a Fish Eat Frog World!


Recently I got “tagged” on FaceBook with a picture of a channel catfish that had been caught through the ice. The fish was a little over 5 pounds, a very respectable channel cat, especially through an ice hole, but the big surprise came at the cleaning table when the stomach contents were examined: Look close, it has been digested a bit, but laying just in front of the catfish’s head is a bullfrog that came out of that fish’s stomach! …

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Season for a Bunch of Bull(frogs)

“Frog catching is the most fun a human being can have while on this earth.” – Jase Robertson. Maybe it’s because I have rural Nebraska roots. Maybe it’s because I grew up exploring the Platte River bottoms and nearby sandpit lakes in Sarpy County. Maybe it’s the wild and crazy spirit that I possess. I don’t know. Whatever the case may be, I absolutely, positively enjoy bullfrog hunting in late summer at night! Froggin’, as it is commonly called, offers an unusual and …

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Friday Musings

I think this is an appropriate way to end “Carp Week”. If fish could smoke cigarettes, common carp would. However, come to think of it, I have seen stocked rainbow trout eat cigarette butts. For some reason I cannot get this song out of my head today:

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Adventure Report, September 11, 2013

You all know that I love to travel Nebraska, fish a variety of waters, catch a variety of fish, hopefully big ones, and tell you all about it.  Yep, I am going to do that again here, but this time with a little different twist. In spite of what you may think, I am not traveling the state all the time.  Like most folks, much of the time I am working out of the office, at Game & Parks headquarters …

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I know I have already blogged about frogs once this week, but I have to share this with you. In my job I talk to a lot of people.  As is true with most Nebraskans, those people are by far, really great people.  “There is NO PLACE like Nebraska.”  But, I do hear some b-i-itching and complaining from time to time, and a little bit of that gets O-L-D in a hurry. But then I get letters like this one: …

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Bullfrog season opened last week.  For some of us that opener is anticipated as much as any other opening day for a variety of other game.  Frog legs are just so good. I blogged about froggin’ last year, and you might want to go back and review that information, http://magazine.outdoornebraska.gov/2012/09/skinny-legs-skinny-legs/ .  Let me add a video that Ralph Wall put together for us.  It has already been posted on our Game & Parks FaceBook page, but in case you did …

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Goin’ Bullfroggin’ on Channel 6 Outdoor Report

Yup! We’re goin’ bullfroggin on my WOWT-TV/Channel 6 Weekly Outdoor Report. That’s because Nebraska’s bullfrog season is open! But, it’s the hit A & E TV show Duck Dynasty featuring the Robertson family of rural West Monroe, LA (http://www.aetv.com/duck-dynasty/) that has led to renewed popularity in bullfrog hunting in America’s ponds and backwaters. Jace Robertson loves his bullfrogs! Does Greg Wagner like catchin’  bullfrogs in the various ponds, marshes and backwaters of Nebraska where he has access? Ohhh yeahhh! Learn more …

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