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Trout Slam Update, Spring 2023

It has been a while since I gave an update on Trout Slam finishers.  The last update was last fall, and there have not been a lot of entries since then.  But, there have been a few, and a few anglers who have completed their Trout Slam, so I need to do an update.

We just recently mailed Trout Slam certificates and pins to seven anglers.  You can see the list of all our Trout Slam recipients, but I will list those seven here, Jeremy Sabata, Luke Meduna, Devan Scroggins, Adam Prier, Kendall Carlson, Kenneth Buchholz and Justin Powell.  Three of those anglers live in Missouri, Devan, Adam and Kenneth, the others are all Nebraska residents.

Two of the anglers completed their second Trout Slam, Jeremy and Justin, and one, Kenneth, completed his third!  Well done, and yes, I am jealous!

Congratulations to all seven of you!  And, thanks for being so patient.  I know it has been a long time since you submitted your entries until we mailed another batch of Trout Slam certificates and pins.


Those of you still working on your Trout Slams, you are reading this right now, and I know that you are thinking.  “Get to it, where did they catch them?”

OK, from these seven most recent finishers, the brown trout were caught from the South and Middle forks of Soldier Creek, the East Branch of Verdigre Creek, and Sowbelly Creek.  The brook trout were caught from the Cherry Creek Diversion Pond, Wood Reserve Ponds, Soldier Creek and Monroe Creek.  The rainbows from the Cherry Creek Diversion Pond, Grabel ponds, East Branch of Verdigre Creek and Spotted Tail Creek.  Lastly, the cutthroats were caught from the Wood Reserve Ponds, Grove Wildlife Area Pond, and Soldier Creek.  Look those listed waters over carefully.  There are some new waters listed, some new spots to check out!

Each Trout Slam entry includes a photo of the fish.  We have had some spectacular photographs submitted.  This time I want to share with you the photos taken by Justin Powell:





To those of you starting or working on your Trout Slam, follow the links I posted above.  There are several excellent resources there to help you in your quest.

Let me especially mention one here.  You have to start with this:


Then, all it takes is some exploring and time on the water!  Darn, I hate when I have to do that!

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Daryl is a lifelong resident of Nebraska (except for a couple of years spent going to graduate school in South Dakota). He has been employed as a fisheries biologist for the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission for 25 years, and his current tour of duty is as the fisheries outreach program manager. Daryl loves to share his educational knowledge and is an avid multi-species angler. He holds more than 120 Nebraska Master Angler Awards for 14 different species and holds more than 30 In-Fisherman Master Angler Awards for eight different species. He loves to talk fishing and answer questions about fishing in Nebraska, be sure to check out his blog at outdoornebraska.org.

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