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New online resource helps anglers ID fish

Fish Key coverLINCOLN, Neb. — A new online guide will help Nebraska anglers correctly identify the fish on the other end of their line.

Fish Key: A Guide to the Most Commonly Caught Fish in Nebraska is available at OutdoorNebraska.org/fishidentification. It’s viewable on mobile devices or can be downloaded and printed to carry along.

The guide is an important tool in ensuring anglers know what they’ve caught; it is intended to be used in tandem with the Fishing Guide, which lists regulations, such as bag and length limits, for fish species at water bodies across Nebraska. These regulations help maintain healthy fish populations and ecosystems.

The Fish Key allows anglers to determine what they’ve caught by selecting among key characteristics, such as whether a fish has scales, whiskers or teeth. By selecting yes or no, anglers are led to a final answer: a family of fish shown in high-color illustration, accompanied by additional information about each fish, its common characteristics, habitat and range.

To find more fishing resources, visit OutdoorNebraska.org/HowToFish.

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