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New online resource helps anglers ID fish

Fish Key cover

LINCOLN, Neb. — A new online guide will help Nebraska anglers correctly identify the fish on the other end of their line. Fish Key: A Guide to the Most Commonly Caught Fish in Nebraska is available at OutdoorNebraska.org/fishidentification. It’s viewable on mobile devices or can be downloaded and printed to carry along. The guide is an important tool in ensuring anglers know what they’ve caught; it is intended to be used in tandem with the Fishing Guide, which lists regulations, such …

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DIY Fishing Rod Cases

Slamming car doors, shifting cargo, stumbling feet. Each has been unkind to my fishing rods more times than I care to admit. After a fly rod somehow broke while riding freely in my truck bed this spring, it was time to take action to keep it from happening again. Of course, many excellent rod cases are available from retailers. After some research, though, I found a simple design created from a favorite inexpensive building material – PVC pipe. Not only …

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Sharpen Your Knife Like a Butcher


Just as you ready your firearms for hunting season, you should also ready your knife. Start by purchasing a tri-stone, which is a series of three stone plates that use abrasive particles, called grit, to create an edge on a blade. Hold the knife in your dominant hand and evenly spread the fingers of your other hand across the knife blade. (see image) Angle and pressure are very important. Most people don’t use enough pressure when they start. The wider …

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Becoming an Outdoors Woman Empowers Women

The Becoming an Outdoors Woman (BOW) program in Nebraska continues to grow and empower women. Nebraska was the second state to embrace this outdoor program started by Dr. Christine Thomas from Wisconsin in 1991. Thomas had a mission to give women the knowledge to be active in the outdoors and through the BOW program women gain the confidence needed to engage in all types of outdoor activities. The BOW program has grown not only in Nebraska and Wisconsin but is …

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How to Smoke A Deer Roast

Smoking your own meat, especially when the meat comes from an animal you harvested, is a rewarding and satisfying experience. Here are a few steps to take when smoking a deer roast with a dry rub: Rinse and dry the meat. Always rinse the meat off after it has been thawed and dry it with paper towels. This helps get some excess blood off and out of the meat prior to applying a rub. Adding vegetable oil to the meat is optional …

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Deer Heart: As Good as Tenderloin!

Did you save the heart of that deer you harvested this season or did you toss it in the gut pile for the coyotes? Next time, save it, trust me! Venison heart is “muscle meat” and is as good as a piece of tenderloin! Packed with B vitamins and protein, with little fat, and a very mild flavor, venison heart is positively delicious if prepared properly! It’s actually simple to make, is best eaten fresh, not frozen, at least within a …

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Hire My Deer Processor

A few years ago while looking for a deer processor, I was referred to Todd Hanson in eastern Nebraska by some folks at the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. I called Todd and asked him one very important question: “Do you guarantee that I will get my deer back if I send it to you?” “Absolutely,” he replied, and we have had a wonderful relationship since. I mostly have him grind my shoulders and hind quarters, but he also has …

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