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New mountain biking trails featured in July Nebraskaland

LINCOLN, Neb. – The mountain biking trails at Platte River State Park near Louisville are among many topics featured in the July issue of Nebraskaland Magazine.

Regional editor Eric Fowler’s story profiles 4.4 miles of new trail at the eastern Nebraska park, which has long been a destination for regional mountain bikers who say it has become worthy of national attention.

Also in the July issue, associate editor Jenny Nguyen-Wheatley writes about overcoming challenges in getting the right fit for a shotgun, with insights from gunsmith Stephen Reynolds of Herman and Greg Preston of Blair.

For lake lovers, regional editor Julie Geiser profiles the many developments and improvements at Nebraska’s largest reservoir, Lake McConaughy, and adjacent Lake Ogallala.

Also of interest to anglers, Editor Jeff Kurrus provides techniques for catching bass in July and his pursuit for the perfect tackle box.

Those interested in birds, plants and insects will find stories about wood pewees, red-headed woodpeckers, wasp mantidflies and stinkhorns.

Introduced with the name Outdoor Nebraska in 1926, Nebraskaland is the conservation and parks magazine of the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. With remarkable photography from staff and readers, the publication offers a wide variety of tips for enjoying the outdoors, recipes and stories about Nebraska’s natural resources and history.

The magazine is available by subscription or at retailers throughout the state. To subscribe or read the digital version, visit nebraskalandmagazine.com.

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