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Angler Access Improvements at Lake Ogallala

The July issue of Nebraskaland has a story about some of the improvements that have been done recently at Lake McConaughy and Lake Ogallala (Lake McConaughy Recreation Area, Big Changes at the Big Lake).  Let me focus more specifically on some of the angler access improvements done at Lake Ogallala.  Beside the Nebraskaland story, let me share some photos and details.  First, the photos:

Julie Geiser photo, Nebraskaland Magazine
Colby Johnson photo
Coby Johnson photo
Colby Johnson photo
Colby Johnson photo
Colby Johnson photo

Colby Johnson is our regional park superintendent out in those parts, and he sent me most of those photos.  Thanks, Colby!

Now, let me share parts of his e-mail that went along with the photos:

The first set of pictures is from the northwest corner of Lake Ogallala and includes several pictures of the final product but also some fun construction pictures. The project started in 2017 with the replacement of the floating fishing bridge with a new 120’ EZ Dock brand installation. Cost was $66,000 from the Capital Maintenance Fund. Project second stage was the replacement of the north stairs and the entire shoreline protection measures on the peninsula. That work started in 2019. The wave wall, rip rap and dirt work was completed by Parks and Operations/Construction Division.  A $50,000 grant was received from the Keith County Visitor’s Committee and a $10,000 grant was received from the Lake Improvement Fund with Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District to assist with Parks Division funding for the accessible sidewalks and new concrete stairwell and handle on the north side. Total project cost was approximately $150,000.

The second set of pictures are of new boat docks that were installed at Lake Ogallala in 2019 with Federal aid dollars from Aquatic Habitat/Angler Access Program and a $30,000 grant from the Keith County Visitor’s Committee. Total project estimated at $74,000.  The north ramp at Lake Ogallala features an accessible kayak and canoe launch, EZ Dock brand.

You see several partners mentioned in Colby’s e-mail.  That is typical for all the Aquatic Habitat/Angler Access projects we do. A big THANK YOU to all of them!

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