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Five Must-Dos for Deer Season


Story by Aaron Hershberger

Photo by Jeff Kurrus

To experience the most from this year’s firearm deer season, here are the five things you have to do.

1) Find the does. The bucks are doing just that and so should you. Being 100 yards or so downwind of several travel routes to/from bedding areas can mean success in seeing the deer you have been thinking about. Just be cautious not to hunt in or too near the bedding area, which could send all deer out of the area.

2) Rattle, rattle and rattle some more. It’s surprising how few rifle hunters take the rattling antlers to the woods. Just be ready to shoot when deer do sneak in looking to tussle.

3) Hunt longer. Arrive early and stay as long as you can. To do that you have to be warm and comfortable. Bring hand and foot warmers, a thermos of coffee/hot chocolate and never forget plenty of snacks. If you don’t have a permanent blind, use a pop-up with some extra orange on it. Then you can even add a portable propane heater.

4) Share your passion. Take someone with you, even if it’s just to observe. Hunts are meant to be fun, and spending time with those you care about ensures there will be memories beyond the shots fired.

5) Get pictures, or better yet, some video. Living in the digital age you are never far from your picture-taking, film-making device, so capture these events while you can. The 2019 firearm deer season only happens once.  

Aaron Hershberger is an outdoor education specialist with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.

About Aaron Hershberger

Aaron "hershy" Hershberger is an Outdoor Education Specialist with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. He loves being outdoors. When not outdoors he is day-dreaming about being outdoors and/or whining that he is not outdoors. Hershy has been a Hunter Education Instructor, in two states, for nearly three decades & a Bowhunter Education Instructor for over 20 years.