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Prescribed burns scheduled on public areas across state

LINCOLN, Neb. – The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission will conduct prescribed burns on wildlife management areas (WMA), state recreation areas (SRA) and state parks (SP) when conditions are favorable through May 15, according to Pat Molini, Wildlife Division assistant administrator.

The areas scheduled for prescribed burns in each district are:

Southeast District
Fillmore County—Redhead WMA, Sora WMA; Gage County—Diamond Lake WMA, Arrowhead WMA; Jefferson County—Alexandria SW WMA, Flathead WMA, Rose Creek WMA, Rock Glenn WMA; Johnson County—Osage WMA; Lancaster County—Bluestem WMA, Branched Oak WMA/SRA, Helmuth WMA, Olive Creek WMA, Pawnee Lake WMA/SRA, Conestoga WMA, Yankee Hill WMA, Wagon Train WMA; Nemaha County—Brownville Bend WMA; Otoe County—Wilson Creek WMA; Pawnee County—Burchard WMA, Pawnee Prairie WMA, Prairie Knoll WMA, Lores Branch WMA, Taylor’s Branch WMA, Table Rock WMA; Richardson County—Four-Mile Creek WMA, Kinter’s Ford WMA; Saline County—Swan Creek WMA, Divoky WMA; Saunders County—Jack Sinn WMA, Larkspur WMA; Seward County—Burr Oak WMA, Oak Glen WMA, Straightwater WMA, Twin Lakes WMA; Thayer County—Little Blue WMA, Little Blue East WMA, Meridian WMA.

Southwest District
Buffalo County—Bassway Strip WMA; Chase County—Enders WMA/SRA, Wanamaker WMA; Custer County—Arcadia Diversion Dam WMA, Pressey WMA; Dawson County—Cozad WMA, Dogwood WMA; Frontier County—Medicine Creek WMA/SRA, Red Willow WMA/SRA; Hall County—Cornhusker WMA; Hamilton County—Pintail WMA; Hayes County—Hayes Center WMA; Hitchcock County—Swanson WMA/SRA; Howard County—Leonard A. Koziol WMA, Harold W. Andersen WMA; Keith County—Clear Creek WMA; Phelps County—West Sacramento WMA; Red Willow County—Red Willow WMA/SRA; Sherman County—Sherman Reservoir WMA/SRA.

Northeast District
Knox County—Bohemia Prairie WMA; Madison County—Oak Valley WMA.

Northwest District
Dawes County—Bordeaux WMA, Ponderosa WMA; Scotts Bluff County—Kiowa WMA, Nine Mile Creek WMA; Sioux County—Peterson WMA; Sheridan County—Smith Lake WMA.

Controlled burning is used to enhance vegetation for wildlife nesting, loafing and brood rearing cover. It also helps reduce woody invasion into the habitat.

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