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Commission to accept volunteer help in cleanup of parks

LINCOLN, Neb. – The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission is grateful for the outpouring of offers from volunteers to help with cleanup efforts at state parks, wildlife management areas and trails damaged by the recent catastrophic flooding.

The Commission will accept volunteer help in the recovery of its affected parks and other areas. Individuals or groups who want to volunteer to help the Commission’s cleanup efforts can notify Game and Parks at outdoornebraska.gov/volunteer. Game and Parks staff will alert those who wish to volunteer of opportunities to do so as priority areas are identified.

The Commission urges citizens to not attempt to clean up on their own, but to work with the agency as it identifies projects and resources available. The Commission wishes to safely and effectively mobilize volunteers.

Game and Parks continues to assess damage from the floods at parks and other areas, but the full impact of the flood on Nebraska’s state park system is not yet known. A list of parks that are closed, partially closed or accessible only by alternate route is available on the Commission’s website at OutdoorNebraska.org/weatherclosures.

A timeline is not yet in place for reopening areas affected by the flooding. As waters recede and reopening dates are set for specific parks, announcements will be posted at OutdoorNebraska.org.


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