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New video series, website, highlights importance of hunting

LINCOLN, Neb. – Hunting and shooting sports provide thousands of Nebraskans with safe, fun quality recreation with family and friends each year. A new video and website highlight the important role hunting plays in the traditions of many Nebraskans.

The video may be viewed at TakeUsHunting.org. The website also offers resources for those who wish to try hunting or shooting sports, as well as to experienced hunters who are interested in mentoring someone less experienced. The video was produced in partnership with the National Wild Turkey Foundation, Pheasants Forever, Powderhook, Oak Creek Sporting Club, the Big Game Conservation Association and Cabela’s.

“When I look back on my most memorable hunts, the harvest is always secondary to the memories made with the people who were there with me, and I think that is true for many hunters,” said Jeff Rawlinson, education manager for the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. “Hunting is about spending time in nature, slowing down and spending quality time with the people you love.”

Hunting is an important part of Nebraska’s rich outdoor heritage, and of its economy. Each year, hunting has an $848 million economic impact in Nebraska. Additionally, the sale of hunting permits, along with excise taxes paid on firearms, ammunition and other hunting supplies, fund wildlife conservation in Nebraska and across the country.

Unfortunately, the number of hunters is in decline, and so is the valuable funding they provide for conservation efforts.

The future of conservation in the United States is dependent, at least in part, on the recruitment of new hunters, and Nebraska has joined states across the country to recruit, retain and reactivate hunters. Game and Parks encourages all hunters from casual hunters to season experts to take someone hunting this year.

TakeUsHunting.org provides information on workshops, facilities and programs designed for those new to hunting and shooting sports. It also provides resources for experienced hunters who want to ensure our hunting heritage remains strong.

For more information, visit TakeUsHunting.org.

About Jerry Kane

Jerry Kane is the news manager with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. He can be contacted at jerry.kane@nebraska.gov or 402-471-5008.

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