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Summer is great time to take hunter education

LINCOLN, Neb. – Summer – well ahead of hunting seasons – is a great time to obtain hunter education certification.

Although classes are available year-round, most traditional classroom courses and Hunt Safe Sessions are offered in the fall and spring. Mid-August through mid-November is packed with course offerings throughout the state. February and March also offer many classes.

Firearm and bowhunter education covers the safety aspects of firearms and archery equipment, as well as the conservation management and ethics that go with hunting.

In Nebraska, all hunters age 12 through 29 must carry proof of successful completion of a firearm hunter education course when hunting any game species with a firearm or air gun, or proof of successful completion of a bowhunter education course while hunting deer, elk, antelope or bighorn sheep with a bow and arrow or crossbow.

Although hunter education is not required until age 12, students can complete the course at age 11. A number of options are available. A traditional, 10-hour classroom course for firearm or bowhunter education is available. Dual classes that include the curriculum for both firearm and bowhunter education also are offered. These dual classes are a minimum of 14 hours of instruction.

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission also offers online hunter education. Students age 16 and older may complete all of the course requirements online. Students age 11 to 15 may also complete their hunter education online, but they also are required to take a two-hour Hunt Safe Session. During the Hunt Safe Session, volunteer hunter education instructors spend face-to-face time discussing the most important safety aspects of the course.

For a listing of all posted traditional classroom courses and Hunt Safe Sessions, and information for the online courses, visit huntsafenebraska.org. All traditional classroom courses and Hunt Safe Sessions are free of charge.

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Jerry Kane is the news manager with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. He can be contacted at jerry.kane@nebraska.gov or 402-471-5008.

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