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Stir Fry at the Camp Site

Camp site stir fry
For a campsite meal that is both tasty and healthy, try grilling some stir fry.

When it comes to eating at the campsite, our two kids are surely starting to learn: The way we dine is a lot different when their mom comes along.

Their dad’s extent of camp cuisine usually involves some bread, packages of lunch meat, brats, and, of course, chips. There are fish to catch and sights to see, after all. When their mom comes along, we’re thankful it’s a different story. When Cricket’s camping, we often eat just as well or better than we do at home.

Such was the case during a Father’s Day trip to Chadron State Park. She prepared a stir fry dish on the camp grill that was not only scrumptious, but also pretty darn healthy.

Camp site stir fry
Because of home preparation, we were eating within 15 minutes.

Before leaving the house, she mixed bit-sized pieces of cooked chicken, sugar snap peas, zucchini squash, mushrooms, red pepper, olive oil and seasoning in a plastic freezer bag and placed in the cooler. Once at the camp site, our master chef placed each serving of the ingredients between two pieces of heavy duty foil. She made a pocket by folding the edges of the foil, leaving a vent on one side of the bag in order to release moisture and keep the veggies from getting too soft. After placing it on the grill with medium heat, she turned it occasionally and we were eating in 15 minutes.

The ingredients can be easily altered and by doing most of the preparation at home, the meal doesn’t consume much camp time. The dish was heavy on the veggies, but even the kids loved it. The whole process is easy enough that I might even be persuaded to make it sometime. If not, I’ll have some brats and lunch meat handy.

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