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Fish Salvage Underway at Conestoga in Preparation for Aquatic Habitat Project

LINCOLN – An upcoming aquatic habitat rehabilitation project at Conestoga Reservoir in Lancaster County requires the reservoir to be drawn down for construction. The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission has authorized fish salvage on the reservoir now until Jan. 1, 2015. The water level at the lake is down 4 feet and dropping.

This salvage allows licensed anglers to utilize the remaining fish in the reservoir. Length limits are rescinded for the lake, but daily bag limits are maintained. Legal methods of take include snagging, hand fishing, spearing and archery. The use of legal baitfish seines, dip nets and landing nets is allowed.

Anglers should use caution while salvaging fish as years of sedimentation has made the lake bed unstable. Stranded fish of all species may be salvaged for human consumption only and cannot be sold or used for stocking purposes in public or private waters.

The rehabilitation project will aim to improve aquatic habitat, water quality, angler access and extend the life of the recreational facility. Licensed angler dollars from the Nebraska Aquatic Habitat Stamp will provide the funding for the project. The Nebraska Environmental Trust, Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality, and Federal Aid for Sport Fish Restoration and Motor Boat Access also provided funds.

An open house will be held later this summer to provide more details on the Conestoga project. For more information, contact Jeff Jackson at 402-471-7647 or jeff.jackson@nebraska.gov.

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Jerry Kane is the news manager with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. He can be contacted at jerry.kane@nebraska.gov or 402-471-5008.

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