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From the West: Time for a File Cleanup


Kind of like “Smelling the Roses” — the cottontail not only smelled the flowers, it seemed to think they tasted good also. This and the following two images were a fortunate happening on a local hiking trail, we also saw coyote, hummingbirds, waterfowl, shorebirds and even a turtle or two. I carried a digital SLR with a 70-300mm zoom telephoto lens. It is very useful for all kinds of photography.


I’ve used a so-called “full frame” sensor camera here and almost everywhere else. Full frame refers to sensor size, this one matches the size of the standard 35mm film frame. A smaller sensor frame camera is to my mind even more useful with telephoto lenses. The smaller sensor adds a significant “telephoto effect” — my older Canon 20D had a 1.6X factor, using it with a 100mm lens, for example, gave the impression of a 160mm focal length. Even smaller sensors could add even a larger “magnification” multiplier. The significant and less useful feature of the smaller sensor cameras once applied to the wide angle lens. A 35mm lens on the 1.6x format would approximate “the look” of a 56mm lens. Confusing, Yes!  But now the camera and lens makers are selling tremendous wide angle lens for the smaller sensors, like the 7 to 14mm zoom I’ve blogged about earlier. And the smaller sensors, “micro-four thirds” and “four thirds” produce beautiful enlargements.


Here are a couple from a week or so previously, again with the 70-300mm lens.




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