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Electric Augers

I do not have a lot of experience with any of the electric ice augers showing up on the market.  However, my buddy Teeg Stouffer over at Recycled Fish has put together a nice video comparing some electric augers, check it out:

I am running an old 2-stroke Jiffy.  I have had that auger for years, so when I bought it, the 2-stroke augers were the only ones on the market.  My auger is big and heavy, but I knew I wanted a Jiffy when I bought it because my uncle had been running a Jiffy for years and never had any problem with it.  I have not had any problem with mine.  Jiffys are great augers.  I said that to say this, there are more options on the market now; beside the electric augers and the 2-strokes there are 4-stroke augers and even augers that run on those little Coleman propane tanks.

If you are serious about your ice-fishing a power auger is one of the best investments you can make, but shop around, see what is available and determine what type, size and brand fits your needs.  I drill lots of holes and want a big auger, but that is not necessarily what you have to have, you decide.

Oh, one other thing to mention, what about hole size?  For a hand auger, I use a 6-inch diameter auger; bigger augers mean it is harder to drill holes.  My power auger is an 8-inch diameter.  The largest diameter you can legally use on public waters in Nebraska is 10-inch.  You can go as large as 10-inch if you want, but 99.995% of the fish you will ever catch will come through an 8-inch diameter hole, no problem, Too Large?.

If you want to do some shopping, here are some of the big players on the ice auger market:





K Drill


Ice Gator

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