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Fish-Eating Birds Hamper Two Rivers Trout Fishing

LINCOLN, Neb. – Trout fishing success at Two Rivers State Recreation Area (SRA) Lake No. 5 has significantly slowed over the past several weeks because of predation by cormorants and pelicans. Because of poor catch rates, the trout tag requirement for fishing that lake has been lifted for the remainder of the 2013 season.

The fish-eating birds arrived in mid-April, then moved out in late April. The birds moved back in shortly after the lake was restocked with trout in early May. Efforts to harass the birds failed.

The quantity of trout scheduled for stocking in Lake No. 5 (30,000) for 2013 has been met.

Statewide bag and possession limits still apply. The daily bag limit is five trout and the possession limit is 10.

Fishing in the SRA’s other sandpits has not been affected. Two Rivers is located southwest of Waterloo in Douglas County. A park entry permit is required.

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