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Wanahoo Eagle Extravaganza a success

About 150 peopled ventured out to the first ever Wanahoo Eagle Extravaganza on Saturday.  The event featured the lake’s nesting pair of Bald Eagles.   Activities were provided, spotting scopes were set up to view the eagles, Raptor Recovery Nebraska brought live raptors (a Barn Owl and a Broad-winged Hawk) for people to see up close and personal, and the Wahoo Chamber of Commerce provided refreshments.  Many of the event’s participants were young kids, which is good because that was the target audience.

The weather was a little bit cool and windy, but the Bald Eagles put on a nice show.  At least one adult, and much of the time both, were present at or near the nest.  The eagles recently welcomed at least one (and probably more) young eaglets into the world.   The young eagle(s) will not fledge until June.

The event was successful thanks to the assistance of several people.  Specifically, big thank yous go to Lauren Dinan, Lindsay Rogers, Paula Hoppe, Robert Harms, Janet Stander and Raptor Recovery Nebraska and the Wahoo Chamber of Commerce.  Also, thanks to Mike Carrick and the park’s staff for support.

A budding ornithologist catches a glimpse of the nesting Bald Eagles

Another young ornithologist checks out Raptor Recovery Nebraska’s live Barn Owl and Broad-winged Hawk

More photos can be found with an article that appeared in the Fremont Tribune:


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