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Eagles at Wanahoo appear to have eggs

Early March is a decisive time for Bald Eagles in Nebraska. If a pair is serious about nesting, they are at or have surpassed the egg-laying stage and have hunkered down for the month-plus-long incubation period. Sometimes, likely young pairs, may “play house” and build a nest but never follow through on actually nesting. Lake Wanahoo’s Bald Eagle nesting pair is established so it does not come as a surprise they appear to be on eggs. I visited the nest and viewed it from the breakwater bridge Saturday, 2 March. This location offers a nice view but is obviously outside the exclusion zone implemented to protect the eagles from human disturbance. I do not actually know if there are eggs in the nest or not, but an adult constantly sitting in the nest, as depicted in the photographs below, is solid indication.

Finally, I will make a plug for the Wanahoo Eagle Extravaganza set to take place Saturday morning, 6 April. It will essentially be an eagle viewing party with spotting scopes set-up and a couple activities for kids. Hopefully, there will a couple of “fluffballs” in the nest by then. Fluffballs = chicks.

The photos below show the following 1) the Lake Wanahoo Eagle nest from a distance, 2) a close-up of an adult on the nest, 3) the mate in a nearby tree, 4) a close-up of an exclusion zone sign, and 5) the nice assortment of waterfowl present at Lake Wanahoo on Saturday, 2 March.

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