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In the Field with Jeff Kurrus – A Night at the Aquarium

Always take a camera with you. When you don’t, you may see six raccoons sitting on the same tree limb in perfect sunset light. If it happened to me, it will happen to you.

But aside from twice-in-a-lifetime photos, take a camera so you can see what your camera can do. Last night, I was curious how my Canon 5d would adjust to the low-light scenario at the aquarium inside the Cabela’s in La Vista. I’ve shot there before with an older version of the same camera, and had to do so with a tripod to even come close to getting sharp images because of not wanting to push my ISO much past 800. However, last night I shot both the bluegill and blue catfish below at 2500 ISO at 1/25 of a second (handheld) and the camera did just fine.

Which is not necessarily news for those of you shooting with these newer models, but still a tool to remember when a situation in the field presents it.


Blue catfish

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