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What Lurks Beneath, June 2017


Once again I want to give you an update on the sampling activities of our Game & Parks Commission fisheries biologists and give you an idea of some of the fish they are seeing out there! You know my usual disclaimer, when fisheries biologists are sampling fish we do NOT necessarily go out and just try to collect the biggest fish.  Anglers as a group will see more big fish, and often the biggest fish because anglers target big fish. …

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Pawnee Reservoir Low-Dose Rotenone Treatment Re-visited

Some of you may remember that fisheries managers for the Nebraska Game & Parks Commission tried an experimental fisheries management technique at Pawnee Reservoir a year ago last fall, Pawnee Renovation.  Unlike typical rotenone renovations where all fish are removed from a body of water, the effort at Pawnee was one where we hoped that a relatively low dose of rotenone would selectively eliminate gizzard shad and white perch. Let me share some more of what we know about that fisheries …

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Carp-O-Rama 2014

Next Saturday is the day!  Time for our annual Carp-O-Rama carnival at Pawnee Reservoir! We will have another major “Carp-O-Rama” event next month at Lake Maloney south of North Platte; stay tuned, I will post some reminders about that later. I always say that basically we just show up and have fun at these family fishing events and we hope folks come out and have fun with us!  Our Carp-O-Rama event at Pawnee Reservoir is one of the biggest examples …

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