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Fishing is about catching fish, but so much more

It’s a sport. It’s a hobby. It’s a profession. It’s a pastime. It’s a lifestyle. Fishing. The image of a parent and child on a fishing trip is one that’s historically iconic in our country. For those of us who are of the “baby boomer” generation, think back to the classic sitcom likenesses of The Andy Griffith Show with Andy and Opie sharing a heart-to-heart when wetting lines. This scenario cements the American idea of fishing as a parent-child bonding activity and teaches a great deal of life skills. As a parent, I can tell …

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“Open Letter to My. . .”


Stumbled across this on the interwebs this week.  It is corny, but I loved it.  Before I quote it, here is where you can see the “original”:  Ordinary Outdoorsman. An Open Letter to My Old Fishing Reel The only thing I would have to change about that little “ditty” is the reel–gotta be one of my beloved “cream and green” Zebco Cardinal 4’s!  Oh, and I ain’t retiring it. Back in my high school days I saved my pennies to …

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