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Ruby Year


I was flipping through my turkey hunting scrapbook this spring when I realized this is the 40th year I have been chasing spring toms in Nebraska!  Some of you will say that means I am old.  Whatever, whippersnappers!  Let me reminisce a bit. . . . I am the second generation of spring turkey hunters in Nebraska.  That would be the second generation of turkey hunters since seasons were established and turkeys were re-introduced and recovered in the state.  My …

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Yes, I have been spending a lot of time with turkeys this spring, literal, feathered turkeys.  I do every spring. Have not had a chance to blog about it yet.  There have been other items that have been a higher priority and have warranted previous blog posts.  Today it is time to tell a story. . . . If you have read my thoughts on spring turkey hunting before, you know that I consider the key to success to be …

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A Turkey Multitask

By Jeff Kurrus The majority of the turkeys I’ve shot have come between 10 AM and 2 PM. Lunchtime is primetime, that time of the day when more than a few gobblers find themselves alone and insecurity begins to creep in. Sometimes, though, it’s hard to stay in the woods that long. From real-world obligations to simple impatience, it’s easy to leave the woods and re-enter normal life during some of the most productive turkey hunting hours of the day. …

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Spring Silliness

Have a couple of thoughts to share with you for this weekend.  First of all, look at the calendar.  Yes, I know what today is. But, did you know that Yoda was a fisherman?  Obviously he was, he lived in a swamp. Here he can be seen handling a rod! Of course he was an excellent angler.  No, it was not because of some Jedi mind trick.  He simply fished with confidence! For you Star Wars “nerds”, I hear a …

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Strategies for Turkey Hunting in Foul Weather

Nebraska weather. Don’t like it? Wait a short while. It’ll change, maybe. Reality is rarely so kind. The Cornhusker State’s spring wild turkey hunting seasons are in full swing amid the ever-changing, ever-fluctuating, sometimes unpredictable weather patterns and conditions.  But one unfortunate thing has been fairly consistent this spring: Wind. And we’ve lots of it! Nevertheless, should we wait to turkey hunt until we have calm to no wind and those beautiful bluebird-like days with warm sunshine? If time is …

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Hunter’s Harvest

Story by Jenny Nguyen-Wheatley Photos by Jesse Deuring The year was 1958. “Volare” dominated the Billboard Hot 100. NASA got its start, and the first Intel microchip was created. In Nebraska, the Blackstone Hotel made its own history. Primarily known for its invention of the famous Reuben sandwich, the Omaha landmark also bears a vibrant, storied past. Black and white photographs hanging in the renamed Kimpton Cottonwood Hotel pique interest, especially among hunters. “The photos kind of remind me of …

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Long Beards


Will you look at that?!  The calendar already says it is mid-April.  Those of you who know me, know that my constant obsession with all things fish and fishing is about to be replaced with an obsession with big beautiful birds that go “GOBBLE-OBBLE-OBBLE”. Saw this photo on the interwebs and believe this will be my goal for this spring turkey season: Pretty sure that tom actually was tripping over his beard! Oh, I suppose some of you doubters out …

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Commission will consider big game hunting recommendations

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission will consider staff recommendations for 2023 deer, antelope and elk hunting seasons when it meets April 19 in Fremont. The meeting will begin at 8 a.m. at the Holiday Inn Express, 2415 N. Lincoln Ave. A public hearing is scheduled for proposed amendments to Commission orders pertaining to season dates, bag limits, permit quantities and areas open for deer, antelope and elk hunting. The changes will help the agency manage big game populations at …

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Nebraska Big Game Society to auction elk tag May 4

A bull elk tag will be auctioned off by the Nebraska Big Game Society on May 4 in Lincoln. The 12th annual meeting and auction will be at Hillcrest Country Club, 9401 O St. Residents and nonresidents are eligible for the bull elk tag. The high bidder will receive a bull elk tag valid in any elk management unit during a 2023 open bull elk season; legal weapons for that season must be used. Additional items and outdoor experiences will …

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Nonresident Nebraska spring turkey permits sold out

No more 2023 Nebraska spring turkey permits are available to nonresidents. The quota of 10,000 permits has sold out. Permits were available for purchase by nonresidents beginning Jan. 9, 2023. The last permit of the quota was purchased March 24. The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission in 2022 made several changes to turkey hunting orders at the August 2022 meeting in response to a declining turkey population across the state. Those changes start with the 2023 spring season and include: …

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