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Public encouraged to take part in summer turkey survey

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission is inviting the public to participate in its annual summer turkey survey July 1-Aug. 31. The survey provides useful estimates about annual production by wild turkey hens and how many poults, or young turkeys, survive the summer brood-rearing period. These records and observations inform management decisions regarding wild turkeys, their population size and habitat needs. During July and August, survey participants are asked to record all turkeys they see. Visit outdoornebraska.gov/turkeybroodsurvey for instructions and …

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Unlimited quota deer, antelope permits available starting July 11

Hunters may begin purchasing unlimited quota Nebraska deer and antelope permits July 11. Residents, nonresidents and eligible landowners may purchase permits through the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission starting at 1 p.m. Central time. Unlimited quota deer permits are resident statewide archery, resident statewide muzzleloader, youth, youth whitetail, nonresident restricted youth, limited landowner and special landowner. Unlimited quota antelope permits are resident statewide archery and youth archery. A regulation change made by Game and Parks in March created additional purchase …

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Special elk season at capacity; hunters reminded to follow safety tips

Graphic of the map zone where the 2022 special elk depredation season is located.

Access to land included in the Special Elk Depredation Season area is extremely limited at this time, as landowners in contact with Nebraska Game and Parks Commission have indicated they are at capacity for the number of hunters they can safely allow. Because the season is for private land only, permits, while unlimited, are restricted by one’s ability to gain access to the 873-square-mile area included in the season. After last week’s announcement by the Game and Parks about the …

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All-Season Dog Training

By Todd Mills Keeping your hunting dog in shape during the summer can be challenging, to say the least. With nothing to hunt, and kids and family activities getting in the way, it’s easy to neglect your hunting companion. Unfortunately, that can lead to frustration when fall rolls around. An out-of-shape dog can lead to handling issues as well as physical problems — all can result in anxiety, and in some cases, disaster. Although keeping your dog in hunting form …

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Special Elk Depredation Season FAQs

A special elk depredation season has been ordered for July in a portion of southwest Nebraska because of excessive crop damage caused by elk. Nebraska Game and Parks Commission Director Tim McCoy signed a Special Depredation Order for a season July 1-31 in specific parts of Lincoln, Perkins, Keith, Deuel and Garden counties. Permits will be available for purchase starting June 27. Applications will be available at OutdoorNebraska.gov or in the North Platte office, 301 E. State Farm Road, North Platte …

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A Researcher’s Field Season — Part III

By Allison Barg, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Research Graduate Assistant Read Part I: https://magazine.outdoornebraska.gov/2022/04/a-researchers-field-season-part-i/ Read Part II: https://magazine.outdoornebraska.gov/2022/05/a-researchers-field-season-part-ii/ One of the hardest and most interesting aspects of research is that answering one question generally leads to at least three new ones. For example: What is the best way to count pheasants? Answer: Males crow regularly during the breeding season, so we can listen for those calls and count how many we hear. Easy, right? But to make those counts useful, we …

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Big game draw permit application period continues through June 24

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Residents and nonresidents may apply for a draw status Nebraska deer permit in two mule deer conservation areas through June 24. In 2022, the Platte Mule Deer Conservation Area and the Frenchman MDCA are the only deer permits in the drawing. A preference point may be purchased in lieu of participating in the drawing. Residents and eligible landowners also may apply for a firearm or muzzleloader antelope permit, and elk applicants may apply for a general elk permit. An antelope …

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The Turtle Family

The Rutten Family of Cedar Rapids Pass on a Hunting Tradition The Ruttens of Cedar Rapids do something that no one else does: hunt snapping turtles with their bare hands. Every summer, the Rutten “boys” — geared in old tennis shoes, jeans and a T-shirt — ease down into the greasy, stagnant oxbow lake on the flood-prone family property, called “The Island.” Each man carries a pitchfork, while other family members wait on the bank ready with gunny sacks. Walking …

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Turkey Down


Nebraska’s spring turkey season has been open for several weeks now.  Oh yes, I have been out, have had success.  In fact, I punched a tag back a few weeks, but have been busy blogging about other “stuff”.  Time to change that. I have always said that the key to successful spring turkey hunting is scouting, scouting and more scouting.  If you can hunt and scout the same areas over time, over several seasons, you will accumulate a wealth of …

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Last Bite


If you have read my blog for a while, you know that most of the time I have fish and fishing on the brain.  You also know that I love to hunt, but it is hard finding time to do it all.  I fish hard in the fall when most folks are hunting.  Spring turkey season is the one time each year that hunting distracts me from fishing.  Once again this spring, I have been thinking about some things, things …

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