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Archery Paddlefish Application Period, 2020


A reminder: Applicants to see changes to archery paddlefish process LINCOLN, Neb. – The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission will accept archery paddlefish permit applications March 1-14. Applicants will notice some changes in the application process this year. The application period begins at 1 p.m. Central Time on March 1. Mail applications must be received in Game and Parks’ Lincoln office by 5 p.m. and online applications must be received by 11:59 p.m. on March 14. A person must be …

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Corn Your Own Wild Game or Beef for St. Paddy’s Day

*Blogger’s Note: Since I am receiving a lot of requests for corned meat recipes and because Saint Patrick’s Day is just around the bend, I am bringing back my blog about corning beef and wild game. I hope you find it informative and have the time to try one of these delicious recipes. I raise my glass to you and exclaim: “Sláinte!” (slawn-cha), which is an Irish Gaelic term meaning “health.” Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! GW. Saint Patrick’s Day is one …

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So you think you wanna be a fish biologist?


Got an opportunity for some volunteers to help us collect fish.  Just let me say this. . . . While reading the following call for help, remember that this work goes on regardless of weather conditions, in March, right after the ice has gone out.  You will be wet, you will be slimy, you will have snot dripping from the end of your nose and into your beard (beards strongly recommended).  You will also need to be dependable; if you …

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Get High


OK, I am fully aware that our ice-fishing season is coming to an end.  Maybe some of you will not even care, but there is so much more that can be said about ice fishing.  We have not had a long enough season this year for me to say it all.  So, I am going to post this anyway.  If you do not get on the ice again until next year, well, maybe you will remember this. I love to …

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Spring Fishing

6 Things to Try This Spring When Fishing I’ve been catching fish for more than 60 years, and I’m always looking for something new to try. Whether you’re new to fishing or “seasoned” such as myself, here are a few things you should try this spring. Braided Line If fish are breaking your 15- to 20-pound monofilament, consider 50-pound braid. It has the same diameter as 15- to 20-pound mono, with more than twice the strength for big fish. This …

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A Weekend of Exploration

My experience of Becoming an Outdoors-Woman As part of the communications team at Nebraska Game and Parks, I have been aware of the Becoming an Outdoors-Woman Weekend Workshop for a long time, a three-day event featuring a variety of outdoors skills workshops for women. Each year I received e-mails encouraging employees to attend, but always resisted. I’ll admit it: I am not an “outdoors woman.” My hobbies – reading, cooking fancy recipes, watching foreign films – are usually indoor ones. …

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Those Alluring Orbs

When photographing Nebraska’s great places, the moon and the sun are always welcome to the scene. Whether it be the fast-beating wings of a zigzagging teal or the earth-hammering legs of a sprinting pronghorn, a quick “trigger finger” is often necessary for capturing imagery of the region’s natural resources. Perhaps no photo subjects, though, get me in hot pursuit more than two that are the farthest from the camera. One is about 239,000 miles away. The other, almost 93 million …

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Nebraska State Parks


OK, my blog post today is not going to directly be about fish or fishing. It IS going to be about NEBRASKA, and I am all about that. . . . See debut of ‘Exploring Nebraska’s State Parks’ March 1 on NET LINCOLN, Neb. – Some of Nebraska’s most scenic, natural and cherished destinations will be spotlighted when “Exploring Nebraska’s State Parks” premieres at 8 p.m. CT on Sunday, March 1 on NET, Nebraska’s PBS & NPR Stations. See why …

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Let No One Tell You Snow and Ross’s Geese Aren’t Delicious!

As a conservation professional, I get sick and tired of people calling snow and Ross’s geese nasty nicknames and saying that they are downright unfit to eat. Look, they are not “sky carp,” “lutefisk with feathers,” “an over-cooked catcher’s mitt,” “rats with white feathers,” or “trash birds.” No, not by a long shot!  Your blogger displays snow geese harvested during a recent Light Goose Conservation Order hunt in south-central Nebraska. Photo by Jim Druliner of Omaha, NE. They are classified …

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I am seeing lots of proclamations about our ice fishing season being over. Whatever. There are a lot of folks that bail on ice fishing because they are not committed.  They fantasize about fishing open water much too much.  On the first day with temperatures above freezing, they declare it over. You will NOT get me to make that announcement.  In fact, I will be on it as long as I can.  The longer it lasts, the better! And, I …

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