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When Nature Calls…

As you plan your next hike, camping trip, biking excursion, hunt, fishing trip or any outdoor adventure, think to yourself, are you fully prepared for that moment when nature calls?  Yes, we have all experienced that “OH NO” moment in the outdoors.  One time forgetting to pack the ever important toilet paper, you will never forget it again.  While toilet paper is such an important commodity, it can be so finicky in the outdoor climate.  I have discovered many ways of keeping toilet paper dry and easily accessible for outdoor use.

10 Up-cycled Toilet Paper Dispenser Hack

  1. IMG_1368Baby wipes box
  2. Gallon size zip lock bag
  3. IMG_1375CD/DVD dispenser
  4. Dry roasted nut container with screw lid
  5. FullSizeRenderClorox wipes container
  6. Ice cream bucket (hold two or three rolls)
  7. IMG_1374Coffee can with lid
  8. Spice container (hold a smaller portion)
  9. IMG_1364Oatmeal container
  10. Tupperware-style container

There many other ways of storing and carrying toilet paper.  As showed on the oatmeal container, you can cut a slit on the side for easy access without opening the lid.  These are just ten ways of utilizing containers you may have laying around the house.  Make your own outdoor adventure toilet paper container convenient for next time “nature calls”.

Julia Plugge
Outdoor Education Specialist

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