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Celebrate Nebraska’s Biodiversity Exhibit at Kearney KidZone

LINCOLN – Nebraska is home to many wildlife and plant species. In fact, Nebraska has more than 450 species of birds, 95 mammals, 106 fish, 61 amphibians and reptiles, and nearly 1,500 plants. Add to that more than 28,000 species of insects and unknown numbers of crustaceans, arachnids, mussels, fungi and bacteria.

A snapshot of Nebraska’s biodiversity is on display through Aug. 17 at the “Explore Nebraska’s Biodiversity” exhibit at the Kearney KidZone, 5827 4th Ave., Kearney. The exhibit includes a 12-foot, double-sided photographic mural featuring nearly 100 images of Nebraska species.

In addition to the photographic mural, the exhibit includes multiple hands-on components. Visitors can explore insects, bones, furs, and birds with magnifying lenses. Visitors also can compare their “wingspan” with those of Nebraska’s bird species, or match their height with those of Nebraska’s prairie grass species.

The exhibit was created by the Nebraska Natural Legacy Project with funding from the Nebraska Environmental Trust.

For more information, contact Lindsay Rogers at 402-471-5581 or lindsay.rogers@nebraska.gov, or Tara Knuth at 402-698-2228 or tara@kearneykidzone.com.

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