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Why Do I Hunt?

As the popular hunting seasons in Nebraska draw nearer, I thought you might like to read my perspectives about why I hunt.  I am a hunter. I write and speak about hunting. I take images and record videos of hunting. I interact with hunters. Hunting is a major part of both my personal and professional lives. With my occupation (as a longtime communications and marketing specialist at the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission) and through my personal social media accounts, …

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What Scares You?


It is the end of October again; the season for all things spooky.  I guess.  Have blogged often about this curious desire we seem to have–the desire to have ourselves scared, spooked.  I am sure it is the adrenaline rush that we crave, whether we admit it or not.  It gives us a “high”.  It makes us alive. Without over-thinking, it is just plain fun. I find it curious the things that scare people.  Over the years I have made …

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It is time for my annual distraction from fishing.  That will be reflected here in my blog.  I pretty much am all fish and fishing, all the time, except when the turkeys are gobbling.  In just this past week, it has seemed to me that all of a sudden there are big, strutting, gobbling turkeys in many of the places where I expect them to be.  Even in the middle of the sandhills! I love spring turkey season for the …

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