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Brook Trout Spawning


Almost every fish in Nebraska waters spawns at some time during the spring.  That can occur from early, early spring all the way through summer.  So, yes, I am stretching when I use the word “spring” to describe the timing of that reproductive activity. However, that wording is correct because they do not spawn in the fall. With two exceptions. . . . Brown trout and brook trout in Nebraska are fall spawners.  Yes, we do have populations of both …

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Follow these safety tips when enjoying water activities

LINCOLN, Neb. — With soaring temperatures, the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission would like to issue the following safety reminders to those out enjoying water activities. Never swim alone — Always swim with a buddy. Pay attention — Avoid distractions and focus on swim mates and the water. Drowning is the leading cause of death for children, according to the American Red Cross, and drownings can happen in seconds, as well as in shallow waters. Staying watchful — even of strong swimmers …

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Virtual educator workshop to tackle healthy water, healthy people

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LINCOLN, Neb. — Everyone knows water is important, but do they know why? Nebraska Game and Parks Commission will tackle that concept in a virtual workshop, “Healthy Water, Healthy People,” from 6 to 8 p.m. Oct. 27. The workshop is geared toward formal and informal educators teaching 6-12th grades. The educator workshop is limited to 25 participants. Register for the virtual event at bit.ly/WaterEdWorkshop; those registered will then receive an email with the Zoom link closer to the date of the …

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Let me slip into my biologist/limnologist hat for this blog post.  No, I do not actually have a biologist/limnologist hat; it is the same as my fishing cap, which by the way, is on my head most of the time. I love to fish year-round, 12 months out of the year I will be on the water.  One of my strategies when the water is cold is to slow down, fish slower.  I have often told anglers that the reason …

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Water Is Our Life Blood

I have made the statement before, will make it again right now. . . . WATER will be THE issue of this century for western states including Nebraska.  Some of us are accused of being “chicken littles” because when we have a wet year, like we had in 2011, everyone forgets that many of our water resources are already being tapped at a maximum sustainable rate or more!  When we get a dry year, like 2012, everyone remembers that we …

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Award-Winning Teeg Stouffer, Recycled Fish on Great Outdoor Radio Show

He was recently named one of Field & Stream Magazine’s Heroes of Conservation because of what he and the non-profit organization he founded have greatly accomplished for conservation and conservation stewardship. He’s a life-long angler. He lives in Bellevue, NE. And, he’s coming to my Great Outdoor Radio Show tomorrow (Saturday) morning! I am proud to announce that Teeg Stouffer of Recycled Fish (www.recycledfish.org) joins me on my airwaves. Here’s a shot of Teeg with the mag. You’ll find Teeg …

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