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Good News for the Niobrara

If you were watching, there was a very positive announcement on the water front last week:  State entities working on first-of-its-kind water sustainability plan Historic agreement to ensure lasting uses of Niobrara River for Nebraskans LINCOLN, NEB. – A historic agreement has been negotiated to preserve the future of the Niobrara River Basin between the Niobrara basin’s Natural Resource Districts (NRDs), the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission (Commission) and the Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD). Formal action on a memorandum …

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Update from the Water War Front

I have stated before that THE issue of this century for western states including Nebraska will be water–who gets to use it, and how much is left for fish & wildlife and outdoor recreation.  Once again let me post a little reminder that ran on the news last week, Farmers Voice Concerns at Water Limit Hearing in York.  Take a minute and watch the video, read through the article. Now if you took the time to read and listen, let …

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Water Is Our Life Blood

I have made the statement before, will make it again right now. . . . WATER will be THE issue of this century for western states including Nebraska.  Some of us are accused of being “chicken littles” because when we have a wet year, like we had in 2011, everyone forgets that many of our water resources are already being tapped at a maximum sustainable rate or more!  When we get a dry year, like 2012, everyone remembers that we …

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