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Boots are Full!


I spend a lot of time in waders.  So far, I am a boatless angler.  I discovered a long time ago that by putting on a pair of waders and getting even a few feet off shore I could catch more fish.  In addition, in my “day job” as a fisheries biologist, waders are part of the standard uniform when doing field work.  Believe me, I have poked holes in waders in pretty much every way possible.  After a year …

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Taking Trophy Angling to the Bank

I do not own a boat, that is unless you want to count my float tube or “belly boat”.  Yes, I have a life-long dream of owning a boat, but I figured out a long time ago that a person can catch a lot of fish, and a lot of really big fish, from Nebraska waters without a boat.  I have even suggested in the past that in some fishing situations I can flat out out-fish boat anglers (The View …

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