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What’s It Really Like Down There?


One of the biggest challenges of fishing is locating fish and understanding their behavior; that challenge is complicated because much of the time we cannot see the fish!  I am not a diver, cannot even swim very well, so I am fascinated by fish in aquaria, fascinated by underwater pictures of fish! A few weeks ago I referred to a blog and the website on which it was hosted, Engbretson Underwater Photography.  I love resources like that because they give …

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HD Underwater Camera


I have not played with underwater cameras a lot, some, but not a lot.  Most Nebraska waters are productive enough that even under the best of conditions visibility is limited.  However, visibility is best during the winter, under the ice, and all ice anglers like to play around with new gear.  There is no doubt that underwater camera technology also has advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years, New Generation Underwater Cameras.  If water clarity allows, and on the …

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It’s a Fish Eat Camera World

I have played with underwater cameras only a little bit on Nebraska waters.  In many cases I believe the clarity of our waters limits the usefulness of underwater cameras.  However, like with all technology, it keeps getting better and better and the new “micro” versions of these cameras intrigue me (Aqua-Vu Micro).  Take a look at this video and you will see what I mean. . . . That may just be a tease, because I am not sure how …

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Underwater Fish Strikes

I am still waiting for safe ice.  Got a little teaser for the rest of you that are doing the same: I know the underwater camera technology is advancing just like all electronics technology.  I have played with an underwater camera just a little bit on Nebraska waters and in most cases, even under the ice, I consider our waters to be stained enough that the underwater cameras are of limited use.  But, I am sure there are some situations …

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