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Long Beards


Will you look at that?!  The calendar already says it is mid-April.  Those of you who know me, know that my constant obsession with all things fish and fishing is about to be replaced with an obsession with big beautiful birds that go “GOBBLE-OBBLE-OBBLE”. Saw this photo on the interwebs and believe this will be my goal for this spring turkey season: Pretty sure that tom actually was tripping over his beard! Oh, I suppose some of you doubters out …

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I love wild turkeys.  I cannot think of anything I dislike about wild turkeys.  Oh sure I experience many frustrations while hunting them each spring, but that is hunting!  That is all part of the experience, and the more frustrations, the more I get to experience!  You cannot convince me that there is a prettier bird anywhere than a big ole gobbler, and I love to watch the antics and behavior of all turkeys during the spring.  I love listening …

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