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I love wild turkeys.  I cannot think of anything I dislike about wild turkeys.  Oh sure I experience many frustrations while hunting them each spring, but that is hunting!  That is all part of the experience, and the more frustrations, the more I get to experience!  You cannot convince me that there is a prettier bird anywhere than a big ole gobbler, and I love to watch the antics and behavior of all turkeys during the spring.  I love listening …

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Secrets Exposed

Some of you will recall my blog post from a week ago about taking quality fish pictures, Hero Shot. Today I must come clean and admit my fish-photo secrets have been revealed. “Busted!” Never fear, you can have your own “fish fingers“. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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Hero Shot

A few weeks ago I posted a picture of my son with a very nice, 36-inch pike he pulled through an ice hole this winter.  I put all of my blog posts on my FaceBook page too, and there a friend was giving me a bad time about the “hero shots” and holding fish closer to the camera to make them look bigger.  Another friend chimed in and said something that I thought was profound; I want to share it …

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